Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the beginning

my name is jessica and i'm 25years old. i am a wife and a mother to 3 children all under the age of three....i know i have my hands full. i hear that sometimes more than i want to. but i guess i would say the same thing if i were anyone else. i must say that i wouldn't want it any other way. this all started when i got married in 2004. micah and i had been married for a very short 3 1/2 months when he was sent to iraq. he was a marine. and i too say the very least was devastated. we had just gotten married and now he's leaving. i was so sad and incredibly mad for most of that time. mad at who? no one in general just mad at the situation. he was gone for what seemed forever, 9months, but compared to others this was a short time. then came the glorious day in march of 2005 when he came home to me. he was unhurt and happy to see me! i thank God everyday that he made it back to me safely. we decided to have a baby when he got back and in july of 05 we found we would have baby #1. we were thrilled!! not to mention our parents! so in march of 2006 we welcomed mckenzie to the world,via c-section, weighing 9pounds and 1ounce and 21 1/2 inches long. she was amazing. she was beautiful and had the darkest black hair i've ever seen, and tons of it. that black hair would soon turn to blond and her dark blue eyes turned the brightest shade of blue i have ever seen. she was destined to be spoiled and spoiled she still is. my life changed dramatically when she was born. i never new true love until i married micah and never truly understood God's love for me until mckenzie was born. i decided to quit my job i was at for 5 years and stay at home full time with her. i love every minute of it....except for maybe the dishes, the poop, and of course the laundry. but i guess that's just part of life and no matter how much i have to clean i always love to hear my kids say, mommy and it's all worth it.